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The predatory mite Amblyseius montdorensis causes minimal risk


Report no: 2017: 02

Published: 13.02.2017

Main message:

The predatory mite Amblyseius montdorensis can not survive under Norwegian climatic conditions. Harm to humans by Amblyseius montdorensis is not reported. This is the conclusions in an assessment conducted by the Norwegian Scientific Committe for Food Safety (VKM).

Amblyseius montdorensis is the active organism in the biological control product MontyLine. MontyLine is sought to be used as a plant protection product in Norway, against whiteflies intended for use in ornamental plants, vegetables and herbs in greenhouses and plastic tunnels, indoor plantings, as well as fruit and berries in greenhouses, plastic tunnels and open field.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority asked the VKM to conduct an assessment of Amblyseius montdorensis.

VKM has considered the possible environmental and health risk related to the properties of MontyLine. VKM has in particular evaluated if the predatory mite is naturally occurring in Norway, the potential for establishing and spreading under Norwegian conditions, possible taxonomic challenges, and potential for health risk related to its use.

Too cold in Norway

Amblyseius montdorensis has not been observed in Norway, or in northern parts of Europe. It is the view of VKM that this is due to its lack of capability to survive and establish in areas with cold winters.

Health risk for operators

VKM is unaware of reports where harm to humans by Amblyseius montdorensis itself, or associated pathogenic organisms have been observed. Insects and mites may however produce allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

VKM's Panel on Plant Protection Products is responsible for the assessment.


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